No Order Too Big, Too Small.

Regardless of the size of the order— one or 1000— Salasa has in place SOPs that get the job done. Our integrated management system software, generates an efficient workflow process that logs, sorts and prioritizes orders.

Salasa process your B2B or B2C orders within hours and offers customize packaging options. Upon receipt of an order, our warehouse teams get into action. The order is processed, the required product is pulled from the shelves and inventory is adjusted accordingly. It is packed, protected and shipped through a state of the art inventory and shipment management system to complete the transaction to your customer.

Salasa understands that labels count. Effective labeling customizes, promotes, explains and defines what you sell. We therefore ensure that the labeling is done right every time. This ensures that when your order moves, it carries your mark. We take pride in doing it right.

Order-processing and its seamless integration along with inventory management and transportation system is the key to a successful execution. Our systems are integrated with the leading material movers to streamline your E-Commerce fulfillment needs.

Salasa is Your Growth Partner

We thus get you loyal customers by providing them an accurate and professional order fulfillment as quickly as possible.