Closing Order

Description: Closing orders describes two scenarios, one of which client deciding to pull out old stocks from his/her inventory and the other scenario is client desiring to close his account with Salasa.



  • Client must send an email requesting closing order to the account manager.
  • After client requests closing orders. Depending on the volume and capacity operation will communicate the lead time for the preparing the products to Account Manager. 
  • Any pending payment must be paid before we hand over the item/s.
  • In-case of any claims it will be raised by the account manager. 
  • After confirming that no claims or payment pending account will be closed.   
  • Shipment/s will be ready if client desires to pick-up the shipment him-self. 
  • If client desires to ship the shipment through a shipping company, then client have to share shipping address and contact info. Then, shipment/s will be shipped to client desired location.



  • Client will have the right to report any damages\missing items within the first 3 working days from the receiving date. 
  • Salasa freezes the requests of closing orders during Ramadan and other seasons like Black Friday, National Day, Eid, End of Year sales



After gathering the items, it will be transferred to the holding area. For the first (24hrs) it will be free of charge. After the first (24hrs) it will be chargeable. After 3 months Salasa will have the right to take any action on the items. 

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