Salasa and VONAGE have signed a partnership agreement to develop customer service technologies.

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Salasa and VONAGE have signed a partnership agreement to develop customer service technologies.

Salasa Logistics Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with VONAGE, a technology company that provides creative and innovative solutions for more accessible technology, faster communication, and better customer service. VONAGE promotes converting conversations into sales by delivering “ ” service as one of the technical solutions specialized in conducting business conversations known as Conversational Commerce.

Conversational Commerce “c-commerce” provides conversational service with the help of artificial intelligence to communicate with customers, provide them with the best services and offers, explore their interests, and present Specialized recommendations for each client and immediate support to complete the sale.

Under the agreement, Salasa will provide easier and faster responsive logistics solutions to enhance the efficiency of the logistics sector. Also, to support the pillars of e-commerce in facilitating and improving the operational and organizational processes of e-stores to help customers’ requirements and meet their needs by dealing with the best programs and smart technical services designed to serve customers with high quality and efficiency. In addition to establishing partnerships that support the growth of e-commerce to reach a thriving economy by integrating the application of “” technology provided by VONAGE, the intelligent assistant in transforming business conversation into sales.

How does technology turn conversations into sales and contribute to growing the online store?

This dynamic shift towards Conversational Commerce enhances the efficiency of e-commerce in serving the growing number of customers daily. Stores can achieve explosive growth by choosing one of the specialized paths in business messaging applications such as to provide a unique shopping experience to customers is the primary factor that distinguishes the brand before price and product. And 80% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience and faster service. This partnership between Salasa and VONAGE included improving the user experience and increasing sales to support the growth of online stores.

Choose Salasa and discover a new world of loyalty between you and your customers. Be among the 80% of companies that plan to use conversational techniques to communicate with customers.

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