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Pick up and Drop off points is a new service that’s readily available to our partners. Through this, you will be able to give your customers the option to pick up their packages from retail stores or dedicated lockers distributed across the country. 

We’ve featured this new service as a way to prioritize your customers. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is important to look at in any business. When you give your customers the freedom to choose how they receive their packages, they place their trust in you and you’re met with faster delivery times and good ratings.

Stages of Collection Points

Customers purchase products fromthe ecommerce store


Customers purchase products from the ecommerce store

The customer will select theirpreferred pick-up point


The customer will select their preferred pick-up point

Salasa prepares and delivers theshipment to the chosen pick-up point


Salasa prepares and delivers the shipment to the chosen pick-up point

Customers are alerted once theirshipments have arrived


Customers are alerted once their shipments have arrived

نقاط الأستلام والتسليم

Drop off Point

Drop-off Points to Facilitate Increasing Demands

We aim to simplify your shipping processes to ensure delivery is smooth and efficient. We facilitate logistical operations so that your business can grow as you satisfy every customer with timely deliveries.

As our valued partner, our drop-off points offer plenty of benefits that help streamline your shipping process. We tackle common problems that customers may face, such as:

  • Not being at the shipping destination at the time of delivery
  • No flexibility in delivery times
  • Inaccuracy of delivery locations

We also make sure that your own business does not get affected. With efficient deliveries, we aim to reduce the amount of returns, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

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Salasa has over 30 lockers across Riyadh with access to multiple retailers. With these lockers, we’re eliminating the time spent waiting for drivers to deliver your packages. They are equipped with:

  • Robust, modern technology with audible data
  • Real-time tracking and confirmation
  • Same day delivery

Increased Customer Convenience

By sending your shipments to lockers, customers will be able to receive their products at any time of the day. Lockers provide customers with an easier method of collection as they can simply pick up their packages when they are free, rather than potentially missing deliveries if they aren’t at home. 

Using a parcel locker allows you to save on shipping costs and you won’t need to spend time coordinating with delivery drivers.

How does it work?

  • The customer places an order online
  • Customers choose a preferred locker location, one that is closest to them
  • They can choose to pay for their order online or upon receipt 
  • Salasa prepares the order and delivers to the chosen locker
  • The customer is notified of delivery and can collect their packages using uniquely generated locker codes
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