How “Laverne” succeeded in making and selling luxury perfumes online?

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How “Laverne” succeeded in making and selling  luxury perfumes online?

Since ancient times, perfume makers believed that using scents is mainly associated with mystery and imagination. Perfumes are made of different and mysterious ingredients that distinguish each package from the other, making each fragrance leave a good impression on its users and surround those who wear it with an attractive and stable scent that lasts for a long time. Though nowadays, creating and selling perfumes online has posed a challenge to Khaled Al Mufadhal and his brothers, founders of the online perfume brand “Laverne”.


In the beginning, it was difficult for them to convince a customer who had never smelled their perfume to take the risk of ordering it without guaranteeing the quality of the product, the beauty of the smell and the duration of stability, or the existence of a policy that guarantees him the right to return the amount in case the perfume does not suit him. That is why planning to build a strong brand and create an experience that allows every customer to smell the same scent they have imagined in the world of creating perfumes digitally is one of the most important steps to be taken into consideration. Building trust with customers, improving customer journey through product ordering, and focusing on quality logistics to stand out from many other perfume stores creates a unique and unforgettable experience.


Khaled believes that the secret to the success of the experiment is to provide a golden guarantee to return the package after its use if it is not suitable. In fact, with this approach, Laverne is one of the brands that have contributed to changing consumer behavior when buying a bottle of perfume and enjoying the right to return it at any time.Khaled also believes that one of the secrets of success that contributed to their superiority is the cooperation with Salasa to prepare their product in excellent quality and deliver it to the customer quickly, which in turn contributed to improving the quality of the customer’s experience of the product.


How did Laverne’s story start with Salasa?


The story began with a request to provide a warehouse that embraces the products and maintains their quality. Still, with time, Salasa gained the trust of the brand’s founders with its capabilities and services. Among those services were express delivery within 12 hours in Riyadh, receiving the order digitally, and preparing the product, which positively affected the customer’s experience. In fact, Khaled believes that investing in product quality and customer experience by contracting with a logistics service provider is the right way to reach the farthest point in product success and maintaining a high level of quality affects sales in the long run. For Khaled, the arrival of the order to the customer within several hours is a challenge that made him think of smart packaging methods that generally reduce costs. Salasa contributes to saving Laverne time by doing fulfillment and logistic services and with that they helped Laverne to improve the quality of the final consumer experience. In fact, improving logistics services to accelerate the delivery of the product to the final consumer and contracting with a competent authority like Salasa will put your online store at the forefront of search results and make your product the best-selling.


Finally, after knowing Laverne’s experience with Salasa and how can fulfillment and logistics play a big role for a brand, you too can start creating an outstanding experience for your customers and improving your logistics services with us!


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