Description: At this section we will walk you through how your product will be stored in our facility. 



  • At this stage put-away team will pick-up your products to the storage area.
  • Put-away team will place each SKU in the correct location assigned by our system. 
  • Once put-away team are done, then they will verify your ASN against what we have in the storage to ensure that we did not miss any item. 
  • GRN file will be automatically generated once the team confirm ASN process is completed. 



  • Our inventory team will do one stock taking for the financial year purpose, if you require more than one stock taking you should share a request one month ahead. In case adjustment is required Inventory team will share variances with account manager to take the action. 
  • In case of stock adjustment our operation, our team will share adjustment request. And action will not be taken until we receive client approval. 







Ideal Error Tolerance

Exception Error Tolerance


Additional Fees

Stock Take

2 Working Days



7 Working Days

Missing/Damaged to Compensation

24 hours

Holding area

24 hours


SAR 2.5 Per. Day

Acceptable Shrinkage

(Missing or Damage Value) / *(Holding stock total value)

* Holding stock total value is for the last 30 days. With a maximum amount of SAR 10,000


Adjusting the inventory form the webstore will impact stock level in our facility.

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