Salasa announces partnership with what3words

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Salasa announces partnership with what3words

Salasa is one of MENA’s fastest-growing startups that offers reliable, cost-effective, and scalable logistic and fulfillment solutions for e-commerce stores. Their innovative solution is empowering thousands of merchants to facilitate orders, streamline inventory management, and provide their clients with easy access to products. 

Thanks to their vision, strong leadership, and state-of-the-art solutions, Salasa is growing to become a market leader in the logistics sector. To further elevate their services, they are now using what3words to improve delivery efficiency and speed.

What is what3words?

what3words is an innovative addressing solution that provides a simple way to communicate precise locations. It has divided the world into a grid of 3×3 meter squares and given each square a unique combination of three random words; a what3words address. For example, ///filled.count.soap is the entrance to what3words London HQ. 

Millions of what3words addresses are currently in use across the globe, with thousands of businesses using them to reduce overhead costs, increase efficiencies and improve their customer experience. what3words integrates seamlessly with mobile apps, numerous software platforms, and websites resulting in a never before seen user experience. 

This revolutionary geocode system is available worldwide and is being used by prominent organizations such as Aramex, Mercedes-Benz, and several emergency services organizations across the world. 

Available in more than 50 languages, including Arabic, customers can now discover what3words addresses on the free app, available for iOS and Android, or by using the web-based version accessible through any browser.

What are the benefits of using what3words for Salasa customers?

Street addresses can be vague. In fact, they can sometimes lead to incorrect locations and do not precisely indicate specific entrances of buildings. what3words allows people to communicate an exact delivery destination, allowing couriers to make their deliveries faster and more efficiently. 

One notable advantage is the improved customer experience. A what3words address will now enable customers to provide an accurate delivery point as they rest assured that they will receive their order exactly where requested. With those 3 words, estimated delivery times become far more accurate and consistent, and WISMO (Where Is My Order?) inquiries or failed deliveries are minimized.

Further, it’s environmentally sustainable and advantageous. what3words has been proven to help reduce distances traveled by couriers, not to mention reducing fuel consumption by up to 15%. Now, drivers can better optimize their routes, knowing exactly where they will be making deliveries, helping Salasa cut down on inefficiencies that create unnecessary emissions, especially during the last mile phase. 

This partnership will improve the end customer experience and provide efficient technological logistic solutions that aim to allow e-commerce merchants to store and package their products in abidance with the highest standards and deliver it to the end customer through Salasa’s shipping solutions.

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