Salasa Smart Centre Provides Logistic Services to Online Stores

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Salasa Smart Centre Provides Logistic Services to Online Stores

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leapfrogging into the Global E-Commerce Index and Digital Transformation led to the prosperity of E-commerce sector in 2020 inside the Kingdom and the increase of consumers’ demand on all products due to the COVID-19 lockdown. For that, several online stores have encountered challenges in meeting and managing consumers’ demands, which put them to either take a risk to lose some clients in order to maintain service quality by delivering a small number of orders or to accept orders that exceeded their logistic capacity, which may affect the reputation of the store and the brand. In addition, online stores have faced greater challenges in managing logistic operations locally and internationally, order management and package warehousing locally, and determining pick-up and delivery points.

Hence, Salasa Company for Logistic Services established a new center for warehousing operations and order management that is ready to receive thousands of orders every day. The center reaches 48,000 square meters and is equipped with smart technology to manage the order operations fully through more than 60 stations inside the center that starts with sorting products, checking them professionally, and preparing them for shipment and delivery. The center is further equipped with latest security, safety and monitoring devices, such as security cameras, special smoke detectors, a fire extinguishing system, a temperature control system in order to prevent packages from damage. Salasa Centre uses a smart system for inventory management where it connects clients with their products and orders round-the-clock in one place. Further, orders are shipped from Salasa Centre to clients without the need to visit the Centre. Salasa has deepen its logistic partnerships with experts in the delivery sector in which they exceed 20 trusted companies nationwide to cover delivery orders sufficiently. Salsa is currently working on expanding its niches to encompass all regions inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The initiative taken by the owners of online stores to cooperate with Salsasa Centre for Logistic Services is a significant step in keeping with the transformation seen by E-commerce sector in the Kingdom and contributing to providing clients with excellent customer experience through the full services provided by Salsa to its online store partners. The fact that the owners of online store might miss when enacting a partnership with a proficient center in terms of warehousing operations, order management, and internal and external shipping services, whether shipping goods or direct shipping for clients, is providing delivery points, managing package receiving, and providing customs clearance which may reduce costs significantly. Our objective that Salsa Company for Logistic Services works towards in its center for inventory management is to improve the quality of logistic services for online stores in the Kingdom for a prosperous E-commerce sector.

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