Your Space, Your Convenience

Save your capital for sales and marketing by eliminating the cost of building or renting a warehouse at a prime location. Utilizing our storage provides you with real-time inventory control and reporting, which assists in forecasting inventory levels while saving money for better uses.

Salasa Warehousing Service

Offers flexible space solutions to serve both your stand-alone warehousing and value-added requirements. We can offer both, the dedicated and shared space, within our facility.

Flexible Space Arrangement

For the more cost-effective shared solution, we offer flexible space arrangements in line with your regular demands or seasonal spikes.

Dedicated Storage

For dedicated storage, we can provide dedicated racking and 24-hour security.

We offer integration with any e-commerce platform and have access to state of the art order and inventory management software that allows us to offer you optimal storage for the subject material of your order, not only at the warehouse but throughout the supply chain.

The success of our storage management process stems from:

Allocating of space for your ordered inventory

Reserving the space beforehand

Replenishing of the stock that moves out

Integrating transportation

Salasa is Your Growth Partner

We thus get you loyal customers by providing them an accurate and professional order fulfillment as quickly as possible.