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How does this benefit you?

Outsourcing your shipping needs saves you from having to do all the work yourself and can impact your business’s growth exponentially.

No need to rent your own warehouse

By going through a 3PL, you eliminate the need of renting your own warehouse space. In turn, you’ll be saving funds that would otherwise be needed for renting fees and a long-term lease.

More time to focus on business needs
Having someone else taking care of all your logistics gives you more time to focus on your business needs. You have more time to focus on the growth and goals of your brand, marketing efforts and possible expansion.

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Our Standard Procedure How It Works

Once we’ve partnered with your business, we will import your products into our warehouses and keep track of your inventory so that you avoid the risk of overselling. Our fulfillment center will tighten control over inventory management so that mishaps are non-existent.

We will store inventory across multiple fulfillment centers in order to meet the delivery needs of your customers no matter where they are. Once your customers have placed their orders through your online store, we will prepare their items and ship them out to their final destinations.




Connect your store,import your products and send your inventory.



We store your inventory in our multiple warehouses in any combination.



As soon as the customer orders from your store, we ship it from the nearest warehouse to your customer.

Platforms we Integrate with

Platforms we Integrate with

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