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Additional Services (First Mile)

Description: It is a service Salasa provide for it’s clients to ease products importing or transporting the clients products to Salasa Center. 


  • You will initiate Request pick-up is as explained in point 1.3.5 in the Pick-Up Details section. By selecting yes from the drop list, new details you appear in your screen to fill-out. Depending on the shipment type Salasa team will get in touch with you to get the required data.


International shipment requirements:

  • PDF colored clear copies of the packing list, invoice with country of origin mentioned on it.
  • Colored clear copy of the certificate of origin with attestation from the chamber of commerce in the shipping country.
  • All required governmental approvals from CITC or SFDA etc… must be obtained prior of the arrival of the shipment to the port in case required. BER registration for all imported products if required.
  • CR Copy.
  • Import E-Authorization via FASAH for the customs broker as per the details shared by Salasa.

Local shipment requirements:

  • The request must include a packing list that shows clear details of the volume of the shipment for Salasa to send the appropriate vehicle for the pickup. 
  • All materials must be palletized and wrapped properly to assure smooth transportation.
  • Our 3PL partner will pick-up the shipment from assigned pick-up location. 
  • Once shipment is picked-up by our partner it will be delivered to the assigned location (Salasa Center).
  • For the international shipment, it will go through custom clearance process.
  • Once shipment is arrived at the assigned facility it will be off-loaded.
  • If shipment is assigned to be received at Salasa facility, it will be received as mentioned in the point 2.2. 


  • Client to obtain full insurance coverage for the goods if needed.
  • Client to obtain the required safety certificates (MSDS) in case of importing DGR goods via air mode.
  • Default delivery address is Salasa’s facility, if the final delivery location is not Salasa’s facility full delivery address with full contact details must be furnished.
  • Any international order exceeds 3 days without response from the client with an invoice copy will be transferred to the holding area.


  • Imported goods must be under
  •  the client’s CR and must not be prohibited by the Saudi laws.
  • Payment of VAT & duties to customs through SADAD unified number must be on time and immediately upon request to avoid any delay in the clearance process.
  • The transportation request must come to Salasa before 48 hours.
  • It is the client’s full responsibility to assure smooth, fast & safe loading of the materials in the loading location.

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