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Description: this section describes standard process for receiving your products. 



  • After you create the ASN and shipping your product/s to our warehouse, off-load is the first engagement between our operation team and your products. Our team will expect your products to arrive as per your instructions you applied during creating the ASN.
  • New SKU/s will be scanned to get the exact dimension of you each SKU.
  • In case of un-labeled item/s, our team will print and label each item. 
  • At QC stage, we check the condition of your products to report any damages, missing, and extra item/s or SKU/s. 
  • Any product/s rejected to be received from the client shipment, will be shipped back/returned to the client. 
  • Receiving in the system is final step.
  • Once receiving is done, our team will stage your products at staging area to start put-away process.   



  • Once return orders arrive to our facility, our operation team will off-load your returned orders. 
  • Then our Return team will scan your order to get its information in the system to start the return process.
  • After we open the package our QC team will verify your product’s quality/quantity to ensure that your product is not hurt.
  • In case there is damage in your product we will raise reimbursement claim to the shipping company on the damaged product/s only.
  • Once QC team checked your product and stated that it is in good condition, they will receive it as good in the system. 
  • Once receiving is done, our team stages your products at staging area to start put-away process.   


  • SKU/s with backorders will be given the priority on receiving.
  • In case of high seasons, Ramadan, Black Friday, etc. Salasa team will share a build-up plan before the season to ensure receiving all your product/s withing the SLA and to avoid delaying your product/s receiving within the season. 
  • In case of international shipment our inbound team will off-load your shipments then will share with you the receiving lead-time based on workload. However, client is responsible of updating with his/her account manager once shipment is cleared from Saudi customs and under delivery to our facility.  
  • Choosing Salasa first mile will give you a priority on receiving. 
  • In case of extra/damage/rejected items resulting from both return/s and replenishment/s will be placed in holding area until our team receive advise from client/s.


SLAIdealIdeal Error ToleranceException Error ToleranceExceptionAdditional Fees
Receiving to Shelf24 hours3%5%72 hours
Return to Shelf24 hours3%5%48 hours
Holding area24 hours24SAR 2.5 Per. Day


  • Arriving at the chosen date and given time is important, to receive your replenishment within the promised SLA.
  • All replenishments need to be palletized and it must be in boxes and if the replenishment is less than a pallet, it must be in boxes. For unpalletized boxes that are more than pallet, extra fees will be charged and will be shared by Salasa team.
  • Every pallet needs to be labeled with packing list stating number of boxes in it.
  • Every box needs to be labeled with packing list stating number of SKUs and items of each SKU.
  • Replenishments arriving without a pre ASN and booking created will not be off-loaded. 
  • Receiving of any item (replenishment or returns) which has 1 month or less in expiry, item/s will be moved to holding area and client will be contacted to advise on the item/s condition. 

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