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Description: this step describes how you will be onboarded to grow your business.


Account Creation After signing the contract, our team will create an account for you in our system.

Data Submission Our team will share file to fill in your products list. 

System Integration At this stage, our team should have your website URL to finalize the live integration. 

System Training Our talented team will meet with you to train you on using our system.

Create ASN

  • Replenishment.
  • Create Replenishment. 
  • Select your Warehouse which we already create for you by our team.
  • Select your Product/s. In the left section you will find your product/s add. All you need to do is to click ADD. Then, it will go to the right section where you will type the quantity you desire you replenish. QR Code/Barcode both can be printed at this stage. Save your action on your products then, click Save and Go Next.
  • Insert your Inbound Details to provide more information on handling your replenishment.
  • Once you reach QR/Barcode step you should label your product/s otherwise Salasa will label your product. 
  • To maintain faster receiving: 
    • Provide Packing List. 
    • Palletized your replenishment.
    • Put your SKUs in Boxes (each SKU in a box is highly recommended.
      • To have priority in receiving choose Pick-up Request and Salasa team will align with you to pick-up the replenishment.
      • Review your request then Click Create ASN. Done!!
      • Our team will call you to get the exact time of your product/s arrival on the data you selected.

Product Creation is used in case there is missing or new product you wish to add to your selection. 

  •   In Product Details section you will fill your products details. 
  • Uploading your product image improve the picking quality to eliminate any errors. 
  • Receiving process starts in section 2. 



In case client prefer to not do the system integration. Then, client will have to use our system manually.



  • In case you have expiry product, then you need to select YES for the LOT under Fulfillment Details. This will allow our team to pick your products based on FEFO and to inform you if you have near to expiry/expired product/s.
  • In case you have electronics product that requires serial number then you need to select YES. 




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