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Description: This section describes how your orders will be handled by our team from the moment we receive the order until the order get shipped. 


  •  Once we receive order/s through our OMS, our inventory team will pick your order/s and validate the item/s picked are matching the order/s received.  
  • Our QC team will validate the order and inspect the items are picked correctly and not damaged nor item/s missing.
  • Item/s will be wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure that they do not get damaged during shipping handling. Then item/s will be packed in a box/pouch.
  • Once the order is packed, Shipping label will be printed and labeled on the box/pouch.
  • Ready to ship order/s will be transferred to sortation area where they will get sorted by courier to ensure the shipment is going with the right courier. 
  • Once courier arrives at our facility, our team will hand-over the shipment/s to the assigned courier. 


  • Client will be able to cancel an order from the system at any point before Loaded status. 
  • Salasa can do special packaging for clients if required.
  • Salasa can pack your order/s with your packaging material.
  • In case of high seasons, Ramadan, Black Friday, campaigns, etc. Salasa team should be informed of your plan to ensure capacity and to meet the SLA. 
  • Our system will be able to generate the invoice for the international order/s, only if the declared amount is share by the client of each product. 

Other documents might be required for international shipment/s, which will be requested by Salasa team. 


SLAIdealIdeal Error ToleranceException Error ToleranceExceptionAdditional Fees
Picking to Dispatching≤ 12PM orders will be dispatched to carrier within 24 hours3%5%12 PM orders will be dispatched to carrier within 48 hours.
Dispatching to Delivery• Tier1: two working days.
• Tier2: three working days.
• Tier3: six working days
• Tier1: 15%.
• Tier2: 17%.
• Tier3: 20%.
• Tier1: 15%.
• Tier2: 17%.
• Tier3: 20%.
• Tier1: three working days.
• Tier2: four working days.
• Tier3: seven working days
Missing/Damaged to Compensation24 hours
Holding area24 hours more than 24SAR 2.5 Per. Day


  • Clients who are using their own packaging to ensure enough stock available all the time. Otherwise Salasa will pack your order/s with Salasa packaging without pre. alert.
  • Salasa will not dispatch any order with missing AWB details. To avoid this issue, you will have to make sure that all AWB details are correct. 
  • Salasa will not dispatch international order/s without invoice. To avoid this issue, you will have to share the invoice with your account manager.  

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