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Description: Salasa has range of selection of shipping companies. These shipping companies are managed by our team to ensure high performance. These activities will be executed as part of our service for those client shipping with Salasa shipping accounts.

Salasa Ship


  • Once the assigned courier arrived at our facility, they will pick-up the shipment/s.
  • Each courier will sign on a manifest, to ensure that they received all shipment/s.
  • Courier will communicate with the end-user to deliver the shipment/s to door/pick-up from branch once the shipment is out for delivery. Each courier will do three attempts to deliver the shipment/s.

    • Our team will track each shipment that is shipped by our account with the couriers and will match the shipment status in our system and courier’s system.
    • In-Transit shipments that are within prescribed SLA time are sent to carriers to ensure that every shipment is attempted for delivery before it is returned.

  • Shipment will be delivered to the end-user and COD amount will be collected from end-user, if required.
  • If end-user is not satisfied with the shipment, the client can create return request on Salasa System.
  • Complains are escalated and proper follow up is maintained on cases like delayed delivery, better address / contact details with the couriers.
  • Damaged/missing shipments are reported and claimed on spot with the couriers.


  • Client will share return shipping label with end-user to place it on the shipment that the end-user wants to return.
  • Courier will pick-up the shipment/s from the end-user.
  • Non-delivered returned shipment/s will be received at our facility.

Carriers are regularly asked to return the shipments that surpasses the SLA time based and delivery attempts. 


 For International shipment/s:

  • Comprehensive data like full name, ID details in destination country, complete address and valid phone number of end customers must be sought to ensure a faster and smoother delivery process.


  • Customers shall include 5% VAT charges in their sales invoices for any orders across GCC below USD 250 because it will be recovered from the origin under any circumstances.


  • If the invoice amount exceeds the amount, then 5% VAT plus, 5% customs duty along with AED 20 (for UAE) Shall be recovered from the consignee. This amount can be charged back to the origin upon request.


  • It is advisable to consult Salasa before the launch of any international campaign to check for the clearance process, customs / airlines regulations and other details for a particular or a line of products to ensure success of business campaigns and mitigating undue/hidden overheads.


  • An international shipment shall remain in transit for 15 days, after a reminder would be sent to the customer to check for the better contact details of the consignee within 48-72 hours. The shipping company will have the right to return shipment back to origin in case if customer fails to provide proper address details and this will attract inbound charges plus Saudi customs duties per shipment basis.



  • Salasa client shall be informed and updated about any shipping regulation (as and when in effect) if Salasa received any update from the concerned authority or from its partners regarding any country through the registered client email, so that they can adjust their business strategies accordingly.


Drop-off & Lockers


  • Upon choosing Salasa Locker option, customer would be directly to a map where he/she can choose the location according to their convenience and complete their order. 
  • Operation will fulfill the order/s.
  • Courier will pick-up the shipment/s. 
  • Each courier will sign on a manifest, to ensure that they received all shipment/s.
  • Once courier deposits the package at the locker, an automated SMS would to customer indicating about the availability of goods in the locker and a tracking link. Once courier deposits the package at the Drop- off, an automated SMS would to customer. 
  • End-user will go to the selected location to pick-up the shipment. 
  • Package will remain at locker or drop-off for 48 hours and will send 2 SMS messages to the consignee reminding him/her about availability of package.
  • Courier would go to Locker/Drop-off station to collect the expired or returned shipment and bring them back to our warehouse. 



  • The said period of 48 hours in locker/drop-off point could be extended for 24 hours more by the end-user when placing order.
  • For owner pick-up order that aiming to pull some of the stock from Salasa facility. Depending on the volume and capacity operation will communicate the lead time for the preparing of the order. 


SLAIdealExceptionAdditional Fees
Dispatching to Delivery• Tier1: two working days.
• Tier2: three working days.
• Tier3: six working days.
• Tier1: three working days.
• Tier2: four working days.
• Tier3: seven working days.
Returns• Tier1: seven working days.
• Tier2: ten working days.
• Tier3: fourteen working days.
• Tier1: nine working days.
• Tier2: eleven working days.
• Tier3: >30 CN will be raised to courier.


  • If the courier notices that the Black color (Lockers Full) appears during the working hours, then he must bring the shipment back to courier warehouse which then shall be handed over to lockers staff who take care of the rest.

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